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Rosanna Alicia: Interior and prop stylist

This blog is for the nesters & throw-lovers who dread drab decor, boycott magnolia, and know their homes should be as bold & badass as they are.

From renting tips to home hacks, stylists’ secrets & creative inspiration, I believe in sharing the knowledge with your global girl gang. (I’m all about the #girlgang.)

Here you will find bold, eccentric, bohemian style.

I know that minimalism is hot right now but bright colours, mixed textures & bold patterns are what turn me on in a room!

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eclectic art books with Buddha bookend and antique turquoise fo dogs

A Little About Me

» Interior stylist & antique furniture specialist «

Drinking from a David Shrigley tea cup at Sketch

I’m a self-confessed recovering hoarder, magpie, & lover of old things. I spent my uni years studying art & archaeology, and since then have worked at some of London’s best & most eccentric auction houses, museums, and galleries.

Right now I work at one of the best prop houses in the business (have a snoop around here!) & do some styling.

I spend my days surrounded by treasures – everything from African religious votives to Georgian Chippendale chairs to beaded shawls from the 20s to gilt French harps. It’s the effing dream. Best job in the world! If you want to learn more about the styling industry & how to get into it, check out these posts.

I live in west London with my better half Sam (definitely the biggest-hearted butcher in the city) & 3-year-old tortoise Ralphy (who eats dandelions & sneezes a few times a year). We love exploring the nooks & crannies of the city, getting rowdy at the Saturday rugby, & fetishize tea like all good English folk do.

I hope you enjoy this blog & take something away from it!

9 Random Facts

  1. I have a baby tortoise called Ralph. His favourite things are peaches!
  2. I was a lifeguard at the beach I grew up on for four years. At 17 I thought it was the best job in the world, and it was a lot of fun but also pretty scary at times. It also means that I have both a jetski and powerboat license (… But not a driving license!).
  3. I’m not ‘a foodie’, much to the dismay of the other half who lives and breathes cooking. It’s 15 minute meals all the way for me (which usually means noodles).
  4. Although I like to think of myself as quite a happy person, I have an undying love for Sylvia Plath. Her words give me life. Go figure.
  5. If ‘spirit foods’ were a thing (like spirit animals?), mine would be mushrooms. I eat them EVERY. DAY. I think it’s something to do with the fact that they grow in the moonlight / womanly cycles / my favourite Sylvia Plath poem is called Mushrooms… Who really knows.
  6. I like to think that I have that kind of witchy womanly intuition.
  7. I think that Amy Winehouse’s Frank is the best album of this century.
  8. I’m obsessed by independent print, especially magazines. I spend horrible, horrible amounts of money on magazines. Get some expert recommendations here and here 😉
  9. One of my least favourite things about myself is that I tend to be quite faddy. I get really obsessed with things for a short amount of time and then move on to something else before I’ve given it proper go (embroidery, photography, videography, languages, music… I even started making my own magazine once!). In the spirit of addressing my commitment issues, I’ve decided to stick with one of my fads for a year, and see where it takes me. I’m trying to learn how to paint! (But feel like I have two left hands -.- If anyone has any good tips, please help a gal out!)



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