The Interiors & Styling Instagram Hashtag Bible

So I guess I’m the same as a lot of you guys in that I have a few favourite hashtags up my sleeve that I love to use over and over again (who doesn’t love a bit of #thatsdarling??). But over the last few weeks I’ve really got into Instagram and discovered some great new accounts by following different interiors / design related hashtags down the rabbit hole. Apparently I was only scratching the surface before?! My goldfish-like memory had absolutely no chance of retaining them all, so I started scribbling them down in the back of my notepad, but I figured they will probably be just as useful to you guys as they are for me. Voila! The Interiors & Styling Hashtag Bible was born.

Download at the bottom of the page!


On a slightly more sinister note, the term ‘shadowbanning‘ keeps popping up on my radar like a dementor and scaring the shite out of me. Apparently if you keep using the same hashtags too often, Instagram could hide your posts as a punishment! Bad news for engagement and #thatsdarling, but good news for us now that we have this handy PDF to help us mix up our hashtags. You’re welcome 😉

This is of course only version 1.0 of what I hope will be many versions. I must have missed some great hashtags, so please leave any more below in the comments! I would love for us to club together and keep this thing relevant and up-to-date so it keeps being useful in the future.



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