Music Video Styling: Behind the Scenes with Kate Nash

Kate Nash performing Call Me with sunshine prop in the background

So this week was fun! I discovered a new favourite tea bag (Rington’s FYI), learned where the word ‘okay’ comes from, styled Kate Nash’s new music video… Y’know, chill.

It was so much fun!!

This was the first music video set I’d ever been on, so I was a little nervous, but the fabulous Sarah Akwisombe took me under her wing & we had a ball! (Check out my tips for working on a shoot here.)

So first things first, you should check out the song here. It’s got Kate’s classic London sound with awesome beachy vibes – the sort of song you’d have on rolling down Sunset Boulevard with your mirrored shades & the windows wound down. It feels like summer & nostalgia <3

Kate Nash in a blue jumpsuit and hat lounging in the water garden

The inspiration for the shoot was a handmade school play, which was awesome & meant we could go crazy with colours & blingy/tinselly decor. I spent last weekend mixing paint & making huge cardboard cut-out graphic props (and getting locked out of my house as it happens but that’s another story…) – so much fun! I love painting & making a mess but I don’t get a good excuse often enough. I always use Pinterest to start gathering inspiration for shoots, you can check out my interior & prop styling boards here.

The result was a pretty primary school-esque array of props but Kate thought they were fab (tg) so we strew them around the set with all the awesome gold curtains, honeycomb hanging decs & garlands that Sarah had found. It looked sweeeeeeet! I also relearned the lesson that you can never have too many sticky things when on a styling shoot… I could have done with a few more Command hanging hooks & another pack of white tack in my bag! (Check my essential stylist’s kit bag checklist!)

Behind the scenes - a box full of gold tinsel curtains and a bag of Topshop clothes

Polaroid of the backdrop - a gold foil curtain with a banner that says 'Call Me'

Brightly coloured cut-out props of an eye, a winking heart, a 'call me' speech bubble, a retro phone and a pair of lips

The costumes & make-up were amazing: platforms, yeti-jackets, unitards and pink eyeshadow came together for a really cool retro look.

A suitcase full of awesome retro costumes and platform shoes in pinks and metallics

Shot of Kate Nash with awesome fluffy sliders and pale blue fishnets in the dappled light of the courtyard.

We were filming at the Michael Sobell Hospice, which is a beautiful little place north west of London. It provides outstanding nursing and emotional care to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Kate’s Mum Marie has worked there for years, so the work they do is incredibly close to her heart. The day was about putting on a good show for everyone & raising awareness about the great work that happens in the hospice through the video – it needs all the support it can get.

Kate having a photo with a patient of the hospice holding the lips cut-out prop

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to feel on the journey up… I imagined it would be a very somber place. In my head, the energy of a music video would be juxtaposed with the atmosphere of the hospice. I couldn’t have been further off the mark. It was peaceful, but not in a solemn way… There’s a little water garden that fills the surrounding rooms with its burbling, and a courtyard aviary with gorgeous tropical birds. The lounge is lined with huge windows that stream in sunlight & look out on miles of countryside (…They were begging for our gold foil curtains!). The people there are genuinely happier than your average Londoner and brilliant hosts. Certainly puts things in perspective!

Kate Nash filming in the aviary

After we’d got the place sparkling with gold & bursts of colour, Sarah & I tucked ourselves back behind one of our gold foil curtains and watched Kate perform ‘Call Me’ from behind the scenes. The show was a whirlwind of colour and sound and curled hair and yeti cardigan. Really high energy, carefree vibes. Kate taught everyone the chorus and bridge & they really got involved singing and dancing with the props which made our day (and the video I bet!). It’s quite hard to translate that feeling into photos, but hell, I tried anyway. I hope you can get a sense of the feels of the day!

Kate Nash performing Call Me at the Michael Sobell Hospice

Kate & a carer holding the props and laughing

Polaroid of two of the carers dansing with props during the show

Kate Nash having a photo with a patient holding the cut out props

Polaroid of Kate performing

There was lots of cake & chatting & photos taken after the show. Kate went off to have some shots filmed in other areas & Sarah & I dismantled the set & made sure everything was left as we found it.

Props: winking heart cut-out, call me speech bubble, gold tinsel

Kate Nash benig filmed in the water garden

The end of the shoot - props and tinsel all over the floor!

All in all an awesome day – good vibes all round, good company, & hopefully an even better video! Watch this space…

Have you ever worked on a music video or would you like to? I loved the energy! Let me know in the comments.



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